Gay-straight alliance charter challenge update

When the whole Bill 10 controversy was top of mind I wrote a blog post where I suggested that Catholic and other uncooperative school boards who preemptively shut down gay-straight alliances in their area should be subject to a charter challenge. That got a friend of mine thinking. Paul Govenlock is an Edmonton based lawyer and friend […]

#YEG BBQ Pork Adventure: BBQ House vs Kum Wah BBQ Specialty

Our first head to head comparison pits a nearby favourite of mine against a highly recommended spot on 118th Ave. Full disclosure. Kum Wah definitely has a place in my heart. I go at least twice a month and its delicious, affordable lunchbox was partly the inspiration for this series. Kum Wah BBQ Specialty  Location: 9671 […]

Duncan’s YEG BBQ Pork Adventure

Inspired by the work of local Edmonton blogger Baconhound and his burger odyssey, my own love of BBQ pork and my proximity to several quality BBQ pork joints I’ve decided to embark on my own YEG BBQ Pork Adventure. There’s a bunch of reasons why I want to do this. The aforementioned love of BBQ pork being […]

It’s time for a Gay-Straight Alliance Charter challenge in Alberta

The elderly, unelected white men who have far too much say over a vast portion Alberta’s education system emerged from their rectories this weekend with a couple of hot takes on Gay-Straight Alliances. Here is Bishop Fred Henry’s letter. Here is the letter from Bishop Richard Smith. They were not very impressive. A choice bit from […]