It’s time for a Gay-Straight Alliance Charter challenge in Alberta

The elderly, unelected white men who have far too much say over a vast portion Alberta’s education system emerged from their rectories this weekend with a couple of hot takes on Gay-Straight Alliances. Here is Bishop Fred Henry’s letter. Here is the letter from Bishop Richard Smith. They were not very impressive. A choice bit from […]

Why pundits, academics and even journalists should disclose almost everything

Remember when the reputations of two of Canada’s most well known journalists, Rex Murphy and Peter Mansbridge, were besmirched because they failed to disclose that they were paid by Canada’s largest oil and gas lobbying organization to speak at events? I do. If only there was a series of tubes linked together where you could keep a page […]

The proper care and feeding of Earthships

My parent’s new house is not unlike most houses in Canada. It has a roof, walls, bathrooms, power outlets and all the other usual accoutrements. However unlike most homes in Canada it is also an Earthship. When you’re off grid and responsible for maintaining your own power and water systems there are a few things you […]

Rainwater collection on the Earthship

With a bit of a thunderstorm the other day I went up to the roof to see the rainwater collection in action. After seeing that I wanted to crunch some numbers and see what we actually collect with our system. We have a metal roof that drains into four 1700 gallon cisterns, that’s 5800 gallons […]